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Single Mothers by Choice & Single Mothers by Chance

A single mother should never be declined the opportunity of success. There may be a newly single mom holding her precious bundles of joy, or there may be a single mother who has been thrown into the life of single motherhood, either way; they should get ready for the journey of a lifetime.

Across the world there are thousands of children being raised by single mothers. A single mother is a hero to many because they practice the balancing act of doing it all by themselves. Many single mothers stepped up to the plate when no one else would. At times there may be overwhelming feelings that come into play as a single mother raises her children; other times one might experience unconditional joy.

Single MotherSingle mothers should arm themselves with knowledge because knowledge is power. The more resources one has as a single mother, the more successful she can be at motherhood and every other aspect of her life. Whether you are a single mother by choice or by chance, read on to find out more information on several different topics that pertain to your everyday life.


Each category outlined in this section will give readers a ton of information on various subjects that single mothers are curious about. Single mothers, who come to this website to learn about the different avenues of single motherhood, will find plenty of handy information. Each topic is divided to give the reader quick access to each category related to being a single mom:

  • Reasons of Being a Single Mom

    • Child's Father Left
    • Fiancé Passed Away
    • Left an Abusive Relationship
    • Divorced
    • Widowed
    • Single Mother By Choice
    • Rape
    • Failed Birth Control
Single Mothers By Choice & Single Mothers By Chance
  • Child care

    • Finding Childcare
    • Child support and Legal Information for Raising Kids
    • Child Safety
  • Finance

    • Financial Aid for Education
    • Scholarships
    • Grants
    • Loans
    • Insurance
    • Debt
    • Credit
  • Housing and Food

    • Food Stamps
    • Information on Support with Basic Necessities
    • Affordable Housing
    • Government Assistance
  • General

    • Managing Time and Money
    • Dating
    • Jobs & Career
    • Healthcare
    • Mental Health and Balance

Single motherhood probably poses more obstacles than any other lifestyle. Bringing in one income can posege to a single parent household because that means money is tighter than ever. Everything from managing the household chores to the household income is now done by one individual. Managing a career and finding optimal childcare for the children also falls onto the responsibility of one person.

A single mother may even find herself without a stable career. In that case she may need the proper resources to figure out how to go back to school. Unfortunately, one income means that not all financia l responsibilities can necessarily be met and a single mother may need to know her options to finding the financial help she needs. That help may come in the form of child support, food stamps or temporary cash assistance. It may also mean going back to school to make a better salary for her family. With that in mind a single mother needs access to grants, loan and scholarship information.

1. Reasons of Being a Single Mom

In the past, the biggest reason for becoming a single parent was because the other spouse was no more. Of course, even back then there were children born from affairs and outside of marriage. Today a single mother may be in this position for a variety of reasons. She may be widowed, divorced or a single mother by choice.

Child's Father Left

Child's Father LeftThis is a heartbreaking situation, when a father decides to leave his family; however, it happens and will continue to happen. Keep in mind that everyone takes the news of being a parent quite differently. Most mothers go through a phase where they wonder what parenthood would have been like with a partner, instead of doing it all on their own.

Some fathers disappear without an explanation and that leaves a mother to raise a child on their own. It takes a whole hearted commitment to be a parent and some males are just not up to the challenge. If the child's father left and the mother is interested in seeking child support, visit the Family Centered Child Support Services website.

Fiancé Passed Away

Fiancé Passed AwayThese days, building a family comes in all shapes and sizes. Some mothers accidently get pregnant and then their significant other “pops the question.” Accident happens and people pass away, unfortunately sometimes it happens to women who are engaged. Although a woman was engaged to be married, she just lost her husband-to-be. Now she is sitting in the driver’s seat of parenthood on her own.

Left an Abusive Relationship

Left an Abusive RelationshipThere are a lot of misconceptions about abuse. Physical and emotional abuse are two main categories of abuse. Staying in an abusive relationship is the only option some women think they have. The women who have mustered up enough courage to leave their abusive husbands are now faced with a whole new set of challenges.

If a woman is an abusive relationship, then her best option is to end it. Ending the relationship will help her feel empowered and it will also better her life. It may be one of the hardest things she has ever had to do; however it will most likely be the most rewarding.

Those who have decided to leave or want to leave such a relationship should feel free to reach out to local women's shelters to get the help they need. A single phone call can change the life of someone who is in an abusive relationship. is a great resource for anyone to learn about abusive relationships.


DivorcedA few mothers become single moms through divorce. A divorce is not always an ideal situation, but sometimes it's turns out to be the best situation. Sometimes an affair happens and later both parties decide that they do not want to work through it. Other times there are control issues or financial issues and parent's part ways.

Sometimes the father sticks around and is an avid part of their kids' lives and sometimes it's not like that. In the latter case the mothers are forced to step up and become the main caretaker of their kids. Most divorces are settled through courts, but are options of going through a mediator to work through the legal kinks.


WidowedImagine that a husband and wife decide to commit their lives to each other and then unfortunately out of the blue the husband passes away. Losing a spouse is one of the hardest things a person goes through in their lifetime. If a spouse left behind children, then the mother of those children is faced to raise them alone. In most instances this poses a big challenge and the widow invariably depends on friends and family for support.

Single Mother By Choice

LonelyThis is a somewhat exciting time in the life of a woman who chooses to be a mother. Some single-mothers-to-be take the adoption route and adopt a child who is already in the world. Other times, a woman might choose to be a single mother by choice because she

  • Has not found the right person
  • She is lonely
  • She thinks the clock is ticking
  • She feels ready for motherhood

No matter the reason for wanting to be a single mother, such women are typically more than elated to start this new journey. She may have spent plenty of time thinking, praying and planning for this new chapter in her life.

The biggest part of preparing for single motherhood is to make sure the one is ready emotionally. Only the single-mother-to-be can decide if she is truly ready for motherhood on her own.

Friends and family might have their own opinion about a woman's choice to become a single mother. It's best that the prospective mother lets it roll off her shoulders because this is a decision that only she can make. Chances are that she will face adversity during this journey, but motherhood has its share of challenges and joys. No matter what path you choose in life, you will always be faced with some sort of inevitable challenge.


RapeSingle motherhood can be grotesque in cases where it is a result of a rape. This is almost a taboo subject, but it's something that needs to be addressed. For some women, an abortion is not an option, although it is a choice that every mother has. Some women are pro-choice and they believe that every woman should make this decision for herself. Other women are pro-life and they do not believe in abortion, no matter what the circumstances.

Failed Birth Control

Failed Birth controlThese cases do happen often where the child comes in when he/she was not really planned. However this does not mean that one goes into a distress - it is rather pertinent that you take it in your stride and find joy in the little one. It may be a little distraught at the start but later it is blissful with the child.

2. Childcare

ChildcareAs a single mother, placing the care of a child into the arms of someone else could be one of the hardest things to do. However, if the mother wants to support her children financially or go back to school to better their lives, then it's really the only option. Some single mothers have help from friends and family, but not all are so lucky. The reality of raising children on one's own brings up the reality that outside help is often needed.

Finding Childcare

When a mother first starts her search for childcare the thought of it is quite overwhelming. There is the cost of childcare and the task of dropping off and picking. The ultimate goal of a single mother, or any mother for that matter, is to make sure her children is safe; she wants peace of mind. Seeking childcare means that a single mother needs affordability and flexibility. Thankfully, there are a lot of online resources nowadays that help you check out local childcare for your family. A few of those resources include and

Child support and Legal Information for Raising Kids

Legal SupportMoney is already tight as a single mothers tries to raise children on her own. The role of child support is very important. Some mothers choose not to seek child support because they are wary of the path leading to it. However, every mother has the right to seek child support from the father. Each country, state and city has different protocol for child support.

The legal aspect of raising children on one's own can be mind boggling. Sometimes there are ugly custody battles during a divorce. Other times, grandparents may sue for grandparent rights. Some women have to fight tooth and nail to make sure their kids stay in their homes. It's wise as a single mother to prepare oneself with knowledge about the law and their rights.

Child Safety

Raising children all by oneself means that there are two less eyes watching the children. Child safety is extremely important because children do not have the ability to protect themselves independently or to always know when danger is in the way. Parents should feel encouraged to take child safety courses or to at least talk to other parents about child safety. One rule of thumb is that a home with children can never be quite safe - so you need to be on the guard all the time.

3. Finance

Financial AssistanceMoney makes the world go round, but for some, money makes the world stop. Family units that are raised by single mothers are at high risk of poverty. Learning how to manage money is one of the best skills any person can learn, not just a single mother. Setting a budget and sticking with it will also help life become more predictable and less hectic. Help creating a budget can also be found on

Financial Aid for Education

Financial Aid for EducationSingle mothers, who would like to go back to school, in all probability may be eligible for financial aid. Financial aid is given out by the federal and state governments to those who qualify. In order to qualify a mother must fill out the FAFSA, which will help determine how much aid she is eligible for.


ScholarshipsScholarships are given to those who would like to continue their education or go to school for improving their prospects. Single mothers may be eligible for special scholarships from different agencies. A scholarship is basically a payment made on behalf of a student for academic purposes. There is usually a process involved in order to get the scholarship. There are ofcourse certain criteria the student have to meet to avail scholarships.


GrantsStudent grants are given to students, like single mothers, who qualify for them. Most educational grants come from the federal government and single mothers can fill out a FAFSA to see if they are eligible.


Personal LoansLoans are a great way to finance a house or a vehicle. However, unless a single mother has a great job and superb credit score - it can be really difficult to land a good percentage rate. Keeping a good credit score is one way to make up for a lower income. It's best to be wise about the amount of money that is borrowed from a lending institution.


Health InsuranceThese days a person needs insurance for almost everything. Car, health and life insurance are the main types of insurance households across the world have. Single mothers should find room for these in their budget because it helps keep out of pocket expenses down. Even if there is a high deductable, it's still best to have some sort of insurance. Considering a single mother is the main caretaker of her children, life insurance becomes an even more valuable asset.


As much as a person tries to avoid debt, it's almost a natural part of life. Single mothers may find themselves digging deeper into debt. The only way out of debt is to stop borrowing and to start paying it off. When paying off debt it's best to use the snowball effect. Start paying off the smallest debt first. After that debt is paid off, add that amount to the next available debt. Repeat until the debt is paid down completely.


CreditGood credit is a great tool to have as a single mother. A single mom can establish good credit by paying bills on time and keeping delinquencies down. Stay out of debt as much as possible and record money that has been spent. All of these are great tools to avoid financial holes and maintaining a good credit score.

4. Housing and Food

Housing Assistance Programs for Single MothersHousing and food are two of the basic necessities a mother and her children need to survive. A single mother has to be able to afford a home and food for her children. In some cases a single mother is able to make these ends meet on her own. However, in some instances a single mother may need to seek other alternatives to help her meet these basics needs for her children. No mother should feel any shame in asking for help because that's what it's there for.

Food Stamps

Food StampThe first piece of advice a single mother should remember when applying for food assistance, is to not let anyone make her feel inferior. It's best to not wait to file for benefits just because one is embarrassed. Stay prepared for what the case worker may ask and bring all necessary paperwork to the eligibility meeting.

Information on Support with Basic Necessities

If a single mother is running into issues with the basic necessities of her household, then there are usually fair number of resources for her. Local churches, charities and state supported programs are put into place to help single mothers get the basic necessities needed to survive.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housingA typical budget for housing comes in at around 30% of a person's monthly budget. This figure means that affording a comfortable home can be a major challenge for many single mothers. There are a few ways a single mom can find affordable housing. Renting is a great way to afford a home, all while staying comfortable. Subsidized housing can be located through the local Department of Social Services. Sharing a home is also an ideal situation for some single parent families.

Government Assistance

Government AssistanceFood stamps are just one form of government assistance a single mother can receive. Other forms of government assistance include Medicaid and temporary cash assistance. A single mother can apply for these assistance programs through the local Department of Social Services.

5. General

As if a single mother does not have enough to worry about in her every day routine, she still has something even bigger staring her in the face each day. That thing is also known as life. Just like in general can be a lot to bear on one's own. That's why seeking refuge in a religion, support group or through a hobby can really help a single mother deal with the everyday stresses of parenting by themselves.

Managing Time and Money

Managing Time & MoneyWhen there is only one parent, time gets really sparse. Managing time and money gets that much harder. Some single mothers can get away with flying on the seat of their pants through life. Other single mothers have to stay organized in order to manage their single lifestyles. Learning how to be organized is one of the best tools a single mother can obtain while raising children on her own. This tip goes for managing both time and money.


Dating For Single MothersDating is another one of those taboo subjects in the single motherhood world. The single mothers who do pursue a dating relationship are often afraid of getting hurt or being judged by others. Dating is a whole world of its own. Single mothers must deal with attachment issues with their kids, dealing with their boyfriends and children and maintaining their everyday lives. Not to mention there are several avenues of dating nowadays and it can sometime be overly confusing too.

Jobs & Career

Jobs & CareerSingle motherhood brings along the stress of money. In order to make ends meet for the family, single mothers need an ideal job or career. Some single mothers decide to go back to school, while others tend to pursue a lifelong career with their current employers. No matter what a single mother does, she has to keep the needs of her children in mind. Going to work may not always be fun or exciting, but it's necessary to keep meeting the basic needs of their children.


HealthCareHealth should be a single mother's primary concern for herself and her children. Although healthcare can be hard to obtain, it's important to at least try to secure health insurance. If one's income is low, then they can possibly qualify for Medicaid. Since programs vary by state, a single mother herself may or may not be eligible. Healthcare is also available through employment and/or purchasing it from a well established company (example: Blue Cross Blue Shield).

Mental Health and Balance

Mental Health & BalanceMotherhood comes with a lot of emotions and ups and downs. Each single mother will have her highs and lows in life. If a single mom ever feels like she is depressed or is thinking about suicide, then it's time to reach out to a friend or a professional. Women's health clinics are put into place to help make sure moms feel secure in their role.

If a single mother is on the brink of a meltdown, then seeking emergency help right away is recommended. Talking to a psychiatrist or a doctor can help a mom find which direction she needs to go. It's also important to find a way to balance mental health.


Raising a child on one's own might be one of the hardest things to do, however no one needs to do it without resources if they are there. Creating a secure foundation for a child is one of the best things a parent can do for them. Every single mother in the world should be able to find some sort of resource to help her get through life.

Even if a single mother does not need help, she sometimes needs the support. That is where Single Mother My Choice comes in. There is a collective amount of resources on this website, so that a single mother never finds herself lonely through her travails of life.


Financial Help

Financial Help
Different states have programs for Financial Help for Single Moms. Single mothers are a group that can do well with as much assistance as they can garner.
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Government Assistance

Government Assistance
There is government assistance for Single Moms including state run programs & schemes. These can be quite useful to take care of daily needs, child care & household expenses.
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Personal Grants, Federal Grants, College grants are various grants that the state can offer to single moms. This is to help them lead a convenient life & facilitate well-being of kids.
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Housing Assistance

Housing Assistance
Each state has different schemes for Housing Assistance for Single Moms. Accommodation is one of the greatest challenges for single moms & the states do come forth to help them.
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The states have programs which help in getting Loans for Single Moms. Usually single moms are tight financially, so an easy loan can always be a great help.
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State run programs for Single Moms can come handy at crucial times. These programs are targeted at facilitating the day-to-day life of single mothers.
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States run Scholarships for Single Mothers. Some Private Institutions, Non-profit Organizations & Charitable Institutions also have such scholarships for helping single moms.
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Single Mother Assistance

Single Mother Assistance
Single Mother Assistance is also provided by states. These can be in the form of financial assistance, Medical Assistance, Childcare Assistance etc to help single moms.
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Single Mother

Single Mother
Single Mothers have a tough task of both running the household and upbringing of their kids. They can get help and assistance from government to make their life little simpler.
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State Help

State Help
If you are a single mother looking for state help then you will not be disappointed. Respective states do run programs which are aimed at helping single moms in need.
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Success Stories

Success Stories
Life of Single moms is rather tough. However with determination and perseverance they can be quite successful in leading a successful life.
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Work From Home

Work From home
There are online options which can help anyone to work from home. However one needs to be careful not to fall prey to deceivers who dot the online space too.
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What is the controversy behind single mothers dating? Is it worth to even think about it or is it best to simply ignore it.
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Legal Help

Legal Help
Single mothers get perturbed even at the thought of a legal issue. However instead of panicking, it is better to face it head on. Here's what can help.
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Single mothers always need resources that can help them like a companion. Books can just be that and a lot more.
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Health Care & Insurance

Health Care & Insurance
Medical costs can really bite you hard if you are not sufficiently covered under insurance. Health insurance for single moms is therefore a must know topic.
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Single moms have a constant financial challenge. Taking care of the household & children does require fair bit of money. Knowledge of Tax Break & tax relief for single parents can be handy.
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Childcare is something that you definitely need for your children when they are growing up. Though it is expensive however it does comfort your situation a lot.
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