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Less Really Can Be a Whole Lot More: Self Help Book for Single Mothers

Life is never easy for a single mom. Same implied for Christy Hicks, a single mom from Loganville. She is a single mother to two daughters, 22 and 4 years old. Like any other single mom, she dedicated her life to meet the needs of her kids. Going through the adverse circumstances, she struggled hard to survive her family through every pitfall.

Due to the recession in 2008, she faced extreme adversities in her job as a loan officer.

Christy HicksEvery difficulty that life threw on her way, she and her family learned to make the best of whatever was available. This inspired her to write a book, which she has named “Less Really Can Be A Whole Lot More

Often times in order to meet the daily demands, Christy exhausted her savings account. She states “I had to cut back on the cable, phone at home, and even had to make choice to pay my bills.” In order to save on the car insurance, she opted for the basic one. She struggled through difficult times, doing side jobs, to bring food on the plate for her children and worked hard to save the money that she could.

It was her courage and positive attitude that made her efforts fruitful. She lately opened up an insurance company in Loganville. She strongly wishes to impart her life lessons to help and inspire other single mothers tread through difficult times. Her book consists of vivid topics, her experiences in life, ways on saving money, refinancing a house, and ways for talking to lender on keeping a house – very practical on everything.

Less Really Can Be A Whole Lot MoreChristy strongly believes in having a positive attitude through the difficult times. She believes that if a relationship does not work out good for anyone, it does not make one a bad person. As a single mother, she conveys that every single mom has the topmost priority of taking care of the needs of her kids. However, needs of a single mother may vary. Living with the needs at times is OK.

Hicks strongly dedicates her writing to provide a helping hand to single mothers in need. Her initiative for help does not stop with this book alone. She wishes to start a foundation S.M.I.L.E. (Single Mothers In Life Exchanging). She intends to donate $1 to this foundation from the sale of every book. With her wide vision to assist single moms, she is contemplating opening up her first store in Loganville.

Hicks wishes to get involved with her daughter’s school system to help other people. She also is a branded writer with nearly 40,000 daily readers of her blog. Her book released in the last week of June and the printed version is available for purchase at $14.99 whereas the e-book can be availed at $4.99.