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Recommendations for Single Mother Books

Are you new to single motherhood? While you may be up to take advice from everyone you know, perhaps you should consider reading single mothers books.

Books written for single mothers are an excellent way to read up on your situation and get as much knowledge as possible.

This journey is sure to be the ride of your life. There are several books out there for you to read, but the big question is…what books are the best out there for single mothers?

Books for Mommy

The Single Mother's Survival GuideIf you are looking for books about single mothers, then there is quite a selection available. There are also books to help you survive as a single mother. Take The Single Mother's Survival Guide By Patrice Karst as an example or Single Mothers by Choice: A Guidebook for Single Women. This book is full of inspiration for you as a woman raising her children all by herself. Raising your children up by yourself means that you will need advice along the way. The book is perfect because there are survival checklists, so you know what to do in certain situations. Being a single mother does not mean you are destined to a hard life. Especially, when you have books like this to help you get through even the most difficult situations.

Books for Kids

Do I Have a DaddyLet’s face it, kids have questions and it’s likely that they will have quite a few questions for you. Some kids question why they do not have a father. Other kids question why they do not have a mother. As their parent, you have to be prepared to answer why you are raising your child alone. There are a few books out there that help you know the right words to say to your child as they ask these questions. Here are few great baby books for single mothers.

The Best Single Mom in the World  By Mary Zisk— “A little girl and her adoptive mother tell the story of how they became a family.”

Do I Have a Daddy? By Jeanne Warren Lindsay—“A mother sensitively answers her young boy's questions about his father”

The best advice you can give your children is honest advice. However, you need to know how to tell your children this information in a certain way. The above books will help you know exactly what to say, when one of your children has the curiosity bug.

Books for the Family

Who’s in a Family?There are single mothers books out there and there are books for kids, but you also need family books. Family books are books that you can read as a family and get a lot of enjoyment from. Keep in mind that reading is one of the most important things you can do for your child. Why not introduce them to books that help explain their life situation a little better?

Who’s in a Family? by Robert Skutch
“This is a must-have in every single parent home with kids under the age of eight. The ending includes blank spaces in which your child is instructed to “draw a picture of your family.”

The Family Book by Todd Parr
The Family Book“Todd’s writing is so silly and sweet — and you can’t beat his super fun illustrations. You’ll meet an array of families: single moms, stepmoms, stepdads, stepsisters, two moms, two dads… you get the picture.”

If you are single with kids, enjoy these book recommendations and feel free to let us know of any we can add to the list.