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42 Tidbits of Wisdom To Help You Survive, Succeed and Stay Strong by Cassandra Mack

If you are a single mom and you're always on the go, then The Single Moms Little Book of Wisdom: 42 Tidbits of Wisdom To Help You Survive, Succeed and Stay Strong (2006) by Cassandra Mack is for you.

Cassandra Mack, MSW is a social worker by trade, and the founder of Savvy Single Moms by choice. She's also a speaker, an author, and a life coach. She's written a slew of other books, too.

Cassandra MackThis particular book is great because its small chunks of advice are awesome for reading on the go for single moms of color who have busy lives and hectic schedules.

As one person noted in an review of this book, it's perfect for single moms who are busy. They need small amounts of information they can read over time, simply because they have to read it in between caring for their children and managing their careers alone, 24/7. This quick-witted, fast read offers fantastic insights, helpful suggestions, great tips, and other tidbits that can help single mothers have an easier go of things in many different ways.

What You'll Find Inside the Book

The Single Moms Little Book of WisdomThis is not your average single mom guidebook. Its bits of wisdom packed into 42 blurbs that motivate, inspire, and encourage. The first chapter focuses upon “stepping into you greatness” and it highlights items such as developing an unwavering belief in yourself and learning to embrace your ability to live your dreams. This is extremely important for single moms because they often think that their situation has left them with little or no options, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. Women are powerful creatures, and it is not only possible to pursue your dreams while caring for a family alone – it’s achievable!

The chapter also urges single moms of color to resist the urge to be self-critical to the point of madness and passionately pursue big dreams with vengeance. It helps women understand that they can start where they are and always go forward from there. Each day, walking with one foot in front of the other toward your goals will get you there more quickly than ever before. That's the power of believing in yourself, and this book highlights that truth right from the very start.

The second chapter centers on keeping grace under situations of extreme pressure. This includes doing things such as taking things one step at a time when everything seems to be falling apart in order to get through it one piece. It also urges single mothers to step back and take a serious personal inventory when they think things can't get any worse. Doing this, according to the book, helps one move forward more quickly they'd think.

The next chapter delves into taking care of your children the right way. This means seriously carrying out your role as your child’s “go-to” resource with great respect. It means not letting guilt turn you into an over-compensator. Give you child heaps of praise for every one negative comment and give them the tools they need in order to stand tall in the world, and they will undoubtedly become the happy, healthy, well-adjusted adults you always dreamt they could be. This chapter also helps women understand that blaming themselves for their child’s poor choices is bad behavior that will lead nowhere.

Chapters four and five are focused on lifting yourself up as a single mom and keeping you mindset above your circumstances. When you do that, you will subconsciously do the things necessary to improve your situation. If you get your self-esteem in check , then the universe will reward you in tandem. Getting out of your comfort zone helps a lot too. Speaking of comfort zones, chapter five is all about letting go off all that excess baggage in your life. It delves into not letting bitterness get the best of you and the importance of keeping your affairs private. Give yourself time to grieve loss of relationships like a divorce, but keep you head high and learn to go on with your life at the same time.

Finally, the last chapter talks about sex and the single mother. It's important to keep yourself looking and feeling good to get back into the game. Your kids are your first priority, however, not your dating life – that's something to always remember.

What Real Women Had to Say about the Book

The reviews on for Mack’s The Single Moms Little Book of Wisdom were mindboggling. Many purchasers raved about this work, and one woman even said that she applauded Mack for having such courage and insight to write this book. “A gem!” she gushed. She went on to mention that all single moms should own a copy of this work. She thought it covered such a range of critical issues that she couldn’t even pick her favorite topic. In her eyes, the whole book was applicable to her life – not beating up on herself too much, learning to let go of things that were out of her control, and learning to love the process of bettering herself for the sake of her children.

Another reviewer pointed out that The Single Moms Little Book of Wisdom had heaps of advice that could help not only single moms, but any busy women in today's world. The world is awfully critical, but Mack's helpful and inspirational guide strips away the layers to show that it's possible to love yourself and others in an otherwise indifferent world. The best part, says this woman, is that the book is especially applicable to women who have found themselves newly single – those who've recently suffered a divorce in particular. It's a personable book with down-to-earth advice, and the woman was extremely happy with how much she was able to relate to the writing. It's a must-read for all single moms out there today.