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Finding "Mom" Time as a Single Mother. Know how to get it

Most mothers cannot readily recall the time before they had children. Every moment somehow is spent taking care of the children only.

When the children are resting, the mom is busy cleaning, cooking or working. So basically, her whole life is surrounded by her children, which is okay but one still needs some “mom” time.

Single mothers deserve mom time just as much as their married counterparts next door. The bigger challenge is figuring out how a single mom can actually find herself a piece of “mom” time.

Where can a single mother find mom time?

Where can a single mother find mom timeIf there is no way you can have a babysitter or someone to come and watch the kids, then it’s time to get a little creative. It’s no joke that your day is packed full of cleaning and cooking, but there has to be some time frame in there, just for you. You can ideally find mom time in the morning before your kids wake up, or in the evening after they have gone to bed. If your kids are old enough, then you can surely find your time, anytime during the day. It all depends on your work schedule and the amount of time you target to spare.

How long does mom time have to be?

The amount of mom time you need is really all up to you. Most single moms will find that they are only able to squeeze in ten or twenty minutes of time to themselves. Other moms are even able to take a whole night off to go spend with their girlfriends or someone special. The reality of spending time alone and the amount of time you spend alone is completely up to you because only you can make it happen.

Ideas for Mom Time

Ideas for Mom Time

  • Spend 20 minutes just lying in your bed.
  • Lock yourself in one of the rooms at home and spend time in there. (However, make sure your little ones are safe before you enter a room alone).
  • Have the neighbor watch your kids for an hour, while you just breathe in the fresh air.
  • Drop the kids off at the sitters a little early and grab some morning coffee and a copy of any single mothers books before heading to work.
  • Schedule a time each week for just you. Have the sitter scheduled for the same time each week, so you and your kids know what you will be doing and on what day.

Outlets are Important

Outlets are ImportantWhile you are a single mother now, this will not always be your role. It’s important to invest your time and energy into something else that does not involve your kids. Get into sewing, creating art or just meditating. It’s amazing how these little moments you spend alone can really fuel your fire for the rest of the day. Finding that perfect outlet will help you be the single mother, that you long to be.So remember, no matter what it takes, find that time to spend alone because it will make you a better you and remember there are options for child care for single mothers too.