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How to Set Rules as a Single Parent, Learn to do it

Establishing rules is hard for any parent, single or not. How to set rules as a Single Parent or a Single Mom can therefore be quite a riddle in itself. Though it's important to be prepared for anything life wants to throw at you.

In any case creating rules for your kids allows them to have boundaries and in turn allows you to have peace of mind. Having rules for your children helps them prepare better for their adult life.

Girls and Boys are Equal

Girls and Boys are EqualAlthough most parents do not like to admit it, they will go softer on either a boy or a girl, but as a thumb rule it's very important that rules laid out are equal. It might be easier to give your daughter an earlier curfew because you're afraid of any untoward trouble she might get into; however, a parent must be careful on treating each male or female with the same amount of lenience.

Establish Authority

Establish AuthorityEach parent raises her child to the best of her ability. Teaching a child respect is a large part of raising a child upright. Most children have a problem with authority at some or the other point in their lives, so that's why it's important to be patient with them. The more you show your children that you are their parental figure the more they will be prone to accept it. Remember that you cannot be their best friend and their parent too. Make sure everyone is well aware of the rules you have established and help them realize that there are consequences for rules left un-followed. Try to make it fun and stern at the same time.

Remain Consistent in Discipline

Remain Consistent in DisciplineEveryone has their own view of what discipline should look like in a family structure. Some parents resort to spanking, timeout or some other choice of discipline. No matter what way you choose to discipline your kids, it's important that you remain consistent with it. Obviously what works for your child as a two year old will change as he or she matures to his teens!

No Parent is Perfect

No Parent is PerfectNo matter how old your children are, you will never establish the role as a perfect parent. You may have good intentions, but all parents make mistakes in some area or the other and that's natural. There is always something you could have done "right" or "better" but all you can do is learn from your mistakes and move on. It's also important that you do not compare yourself to other parents. They may seem perfect, but mind it - they surely will have issues lingering. Being a single parent is difficult because you do not have a spouse to back you up when it comes to disciplining your kids, so it's all on you. Nonetheless, Single parenthood is ofcourse difficult, but with some amount of careful planning it can be gleefully simplified.