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Tips for Dating without a Babysitter

If you think that a single mother's life has taken its toll on you and you are now gearing to come out of it by getting into the dating world, then the following may help.

The problem you may be facing is finding a babysitter that you trust, or you just can't afford the cost that comes with hiring an expensive babysitter. Besides, your children are better off in your care anyways.


Here are some tips to dating without a babysitter:

Early Morning Coffee

Early Morning CoffeeMost kids are sleeping early morning, unless you're a single mother to babies or toddlers. Invite your date over for some early morning coffee. Assuming you have met him in public a few times before inviting him over for coffee or breakfast at home. It may be a little hard to get up when that 5 or 6 AM alarm goes off, but it will be well worth the fun in the morning.

Late Night Movies

Late Night MoviesPut your children to bed and invite your date over for some late night pizza and a movie. If your date is really interested in you, then he will not mind accommodating your situation. It might take some planning, but it's possible to have a successful date with someone comfortably and without a babysitter.

Impromptu Date Night

Impromptu Date NightAs a single mother dating, you never know how each day is going to pan out, so some of your dates may be impromptu. Maybe Grandma is in town and wants to take the kids out for the evening, well now's your chance to go out for the evening. Invite your date out for a special dinner, and hopefully he will not mind the last minute date. Of course, first dates are always a little different and it may be hard to have a spontaneous first date, but it never hurts to try.

Kid Swapping

Kid SwappingDo you know of any other single mothers? If there is anyone in the world who would understand your situation, then it would be a fellow single mother. Try asking one of your single mother friends if she would be willing to swap childcare one night a month. It would be ideal to go spend time with a person of the opposite sex without dragging your kids along, and without having to spend extra money on childcare.

Spend Time Together

Spend Time TogetherIt's important to have intimate time alone together with your significant other, but the reality is that you have children and you are a single mother. Inviting someone into your life as a steady boyfriend means that they are going to be a significant part of your kids' lives too. Invite your boyfriend or date to spend time with your family. On the other hand you will want to make sure you spend quality time with your kids too, without the boyfriend.


Finding time to date is just part of the balancing act of being a single mother. Never let anyone feel as though you are not entitled to love - because you are. Now the hard part is finding time for that love and ofcourse getting the babysitter part taken care of.