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Why Do Single Mothers Date?

Asking "why do single mothers date" is a very simple, yet complicated question. Men and women are made to give and receive love and meeting people of the opposite sex is a natural way of life.

Just because a mother is single, that does not cut off her natural instinct to want to be with a person of the opposite sex.


To Feel Whole Again

To Feel Whole AgainSingle mothers often find themselves dating because they want to feel whole again. Feeling whole again means not feeling so torn to pieces and to actually have a chance at feeling love again. Single mothers naturally do not want to feel lonely and they want to stop feeling that void in their heart. However, there are some single mothers out there who do not want to even try dating again, and that's okay, but that doesn't mean those feelings aren't there.

To Get Physical Satisfaction

To Get Physical SatisfactionHugs, kisses, and other intimate feelings are what most people crave. After a single mother has been on her own a while, she may start missing those simple touches and "I love you's." Dating allows a single mother to have a chance at affection, which so many married people take for granted. Some single mothers may not have experienced those feelings for years, but they long for them and dating can help them to get the physical satisfaction they desire.

To Not Be Alone

To Not Be AloneSingle mothers are constantly being labeled and judged. The chance to date means that a single mother might have a chance at not being alone anymore. While being a mother is very rewarding, doing it on one's own is not always ideal. Feeling lonely and unfulfilled is not the way anyone wants to live their lives. Dating for single mothers is as such important too because they no longer want to feel alone.

For Social Satisfaction

For Social SatisfactionOther parents can appreciate a single parents dating need to date when they think of themselves. Young children yearn to be with other children and to interact with them. The same goes for adults. Adults also want to feel the social interaction with other people. It's only natural for a woman to want to spend some time with a male. Of course, some boundaries need to be drawn to make sure they are not crossed in relationships.


Placing judgment on a person, more so a single mother because she is seeking a new relationship is wrong. The reason single mothers date is the same as any other person dating their significant other. A single mother dates to find physical and emotional satisfaction, and in hope of finding true love again. Single motherhood is no fairy tale, but no one said it would not be either. Our tips for dating without a babysitter too may be an interesting learning for you.