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Where Can I Get Financial Assistance? Struggling at this point

If you've lost a job or need a little cash, then the only question in your mind is where can I get financial assistance? Welfare is always one alternative to getting the financial assistance you need.

Not everyone is eligible for financial assistance from the government, but it is well worth a try. For starters, you will want to get proof that you no longer have a job or income coming in so that you can become a beneficiary of free grants for single mothers.

Some welfare offices may grant you emergency access to food stamps and cash assistance based on that.The term financial assistance is rather broad and can mean a multiple things.

  • Do you need financial assistance to help with medical bills?
  • Do you need financial assistance to help with food?
  • Do you need financial assistance to help with bills?

Financial AssistanceIf your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then government aid is probably for you. Of course, there are other ways you can get financial assistance, but that will depend on your circumstances. Perhaps it's right time to ask friends or family members for a little help. Not all family members will be willing to help though, but believe me you never know till you ask. Most people try to only ask family members for money in an emergency situation. Anyways, that's for you to decide – these are certainly one–off options. However, we do have a special section which can help you with a more proactive stuff i.e. 5 unconventional ways to save money.

There are typically local resources that can also help you with financial resources. For example, you have an unexpected light bill that needs paid, but you have no money to pay it. If you call local agencies, they might be able to set you up with someone who can help you. These are usually one time resources and cannot be used again, but for emergencies these resources take away a lot of stress off you and your family.

United WayUnited Way is a resource that exists in a lot of counties. The idea behind United Way is that you can call a local number and be put into contact with a resource that can help you. There are plenty of resources in each county that do help hundreds of people each year. These resources are supported through local charities and private donations.

As a thumb rule - Try to save money for exigencies. It's hard to anticipate when these will come handy, but they certainly will. If saving money is a problem for you, then target saving $10-20 dollars a week. While it will not be a lot at first, overtime you will see it turn into a substantial amount of money. If you feel that taxes are eating into your savings you may want to look at the tax breaks for single moms section.