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Checklist for Food Stamps, Single Mothers Can Use

Food stamps got their name from the way they were originally issued - as different colored stamps and coupons. The colors represented various denominations, similar to money. Today, food stamps are issued in a form similar to debit cards in order to automate and regulate the process for administering the food stamps single mothers can receive. This also cut down on fraud by users of the aid. Food stamps can be used to pay for necessary staples such as milk, diapers, formula, eggs, and bread.

Food Stamps Single Mothers can use for GroceriesIn the late 1990s, the program was overhauled by Congress to include healthy selections and eliminate unnecessary items from coverage. A program that is geared primarily toward single mothers, called WIC, issues federal grant money to states to pay for food stamps that cover supplemental foods. The program allows for referrals to public health care facilities as well. So this is a good part of Grants For Single Mothers.

WIC also provides nutrition educational programs for low-income populations such as pregnant women, breastfeeding moms, and non-breastfeeding women during their postpartum period, as well as babies and children up to five years of age who may be at higher nutritional risk. In regard to food stamps in particular, most grocery stores and supercenters have price tags clearly labeled with the word "WIC" so you can find for WIC-approved items without unnecessary hassle or embarrassment for single teenage mothers or single moms while they shop.

How to Qualify for Food Stamps Single Mothers Can Use for Groceries

Food Stamps for Single MothersThere are certain requirements that single mothers must meet regardless of the state in which they apply for food stamps or the WIC program. Make sure you meet these guidelines, and speak to someone who can help you determine whether there are any additional categories of stipulations you must meet before you apply for food stamps for yourself and your family.

Proof of Identity

To qualify for food stamps for single mothers, you must be prepared to prove that you are who you say you are, as well as that your children really are your dependents. If one looks at single mothers statistics, most of the moms are taking good advantage of food stamps program. This means that for all members of your household, even infants, you must provide things like birth certificates for yourself and your children, your driver's license, and your old food stamp ID if you have used the program in the past. You must have social security numbers and cards for each household member as well, so be sure not to show up for your appointment without all this documentation in-hand.

Financial Resources and Income

You will need to bring a good bit of financial information with you to your appointment as well.
To qualify for food stamps, single mothers need to bring specific documentation to their appointments. This includes pay stubs from your job if you're employed and any other income you receive from other sources, including child support payments. Make sure to report all income - whether it's help from you parents, interest in a trust, a savings account, or anything else. If you don't claim everything, you may find yourself in hot water with the state for falsifying information in order to receive public aid. You'll also need to bring all your bills, including information about your childcare expenses, medical bills and health insurance information, and your rent or mortgage information as well.