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Five Ways for Single Mothers to Make Money

A low economy means that jobs are even harder to find; however, if you are a single mom your kids are depending on you to bring in some type of income. Even if you do receive some type of assistance it's not always enough to pay the bills. There are tons of ways you can earn extra money to help you pay the bills and feed your family. All of these jobs have the potential to bring you in a substantial amount of income. The only factor is how much time and energy you are willing to put into it.

Child Care Provider

Child Care ProviderBecoming a licensed child care provider is an excellent way to bring in income for your family as a single mother. You have the opportunity to stay home with your children and bring in income at the same time. It's important to become licensed because then you are able to care for more children. Also, a license means that you can have your country refer people to your child care business. You can advertise your business by using social media, making flyers and putting an ad in your local paper. Those who have chosen to become child care providers can bring in a significant amount of income. The amount of money you make depends on how much your charge per child and how many children you watch a week. Also in states like Florida there are Grants for single mothers in Florida which you can take benefit from, till you are comfortably on your own.

Teachers Aide or Tutor

Teacher AideOne thing that never changes in this world is that students need to learn. Schools are always looking for tutors and teacher's aides. The awesome part about working as a tutor is that you can work around your own schedule. You can become an independent tutor or you can apply to work with a company. There are several websites that you can even sign up to tutor from the comfort of your own home. is a rather popular site that other single mothers are finding work with.

Working as a teacher's aid is a unique position that is available to those who qualify. This is the perfect position for single moms because you can work around your children's school schedule. Half the battle of being a single mom is being there for your children. Most of the time, you have the ability to get summers off with your children as well. Start checking the websites of your local school district to see if there are any openings to work as a teacher's aide.

Freelance Writer or Blogger

Freelance Writer or BloggerThere is a lot of hype behind becoming a freelance writer of blogger. There are hundreds of websites that earn a lot of money each month on their blogs. Of course, blogging is not a 100 percent proven way to make money, so that is more of a side income; however, working as a freelance writer is a little more stable. As a freelance writer, you have the ability to work for a company or write for many content websites. A lot of people start out writing for websites like or This is just like owning your own business and it takes some work, but thousands of single moms are paying their bills this way. Ofcourse when you need help making ends meet there are some more ways too.

Work at Home Call Center

Freelance Writer or BloggerOne of the fastest growing areas of employment for single mothers is in the call center field. Each year, more companies are hiring people to work from the comfort of their own homes. Even companies like U-Haul and Apple hire work at home call center agents to help their businesses run smooth. The only catch behind something like this is that you cannot have background noise. You either have to work while your children are at school, sleeping or with another adult. It's possible and there are a lot of different places you can apply.

Cleaning Homes or Businesses

A lot of single moms are looking for ways to make money but also have a flexible schedule. After all, kids have doctor appointments, practices, homework and so on. Owning your own cleaning business allows you to bring in a generous income and be there for your kids as well. You can advertise on sites like, the local newspaper or even via social networks. Ask friends and family to spread the word about your new business adventure. While cleaning may not be your favorite thing to do, it's worth it when it comes to providing for your children and paying the bills.

Use Creativity

This list has five ways you can earn money as a single mom. The important thing is that you find something that makes you happy and allows you to be a parent as well. If you are a little creative, then there are a lot of different ways you can make money as a single mom. However if you think that you need some support in the meantime to get things in place, government grants for single mothers should be able to help you in the interim.