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How to Get State Assistance, the steps for you

Learn how to get state assistance by following these steps. If you are about to apply for state assistance, then you are probably a little nervous. On the positive side, once you make it this could mean less worry for you and your family. State assistance is there for those who need it and the benefits should not be taken undue advantage of. To start applying for state assistance, you should first be clear which state you will apply from. Often times, people assume that all state assistance programs are the same which is not the case at all. Like programs to help for Single Mothers in Colorado may be similar but not same.

  • First Stop. Visit and learn more about benefits and how you can "benefit" from them. Click on the start now button and start changing your circumstances, now.

  • Figure out what type of assistance you are looking for. In today's economy, there is assistance available for lots of different people and situations. Here is a sneak peak to the type of different programs out there to help citizens.

    Benefits for single moms

  • Fill out the questionnaire and go from there. Filling out the questionnaire will help you figure out where to go for help. A lot of times you can fill out and print an application online and then get the help you need. In most cases, a case worker will be contacting you, so that you can begin the benefits process. Frankly, it really depends on the kind of assistance you are looking for. Those looking for cash assistance or food assistance will need to visit the local welfare office for more information.
  • Gather all paperwork to prove your eligibility for assistance. Getting assistance is normally reserved for those who cannot work or make enough money to support themselves and their families. Paperwork that may be needed includes
    • Bank account information
    • Social Security Numbers
    • Birth Certificates
    • Income information (all sources)

    It never hurts to get a head start on preparing this information for your meeting. After you have filled out the assistance application, you will most likely be set up with a meeting to determine your eligibility.

  • Attend your meeting and be honest. Hiding information and income from your case worker can result in pay back benefits or even fines. Your caseworker will walk you through the additional application process of food stamps, medical assistance and cash assistance. If you have any questions about other assistance programs, then this may be the time to ask.
  • Wait for an approval or denial decision. You will either find out your situation at the appointment or it may take a few weeks to get the final decision. A letter will be mailed to your house and if you do not agree with the process, then you have the option to appeal the decision.