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Options for Grants for Single Mothers to Pay Bills

Today's economy has ushered in an era of fewer jobs and sky-high unemployment. Families are doing everything they can to make ends meet, and the percentage of those on welfare is steadily increasing as well. Many of the families in trouble have two working parents. However, if you take that struggle and multiply it by two, you will see what it's like for a single mom to get through every day alone.

If you're a single mom yourself, you are fully aware that you're doing everything in your power to make it – working a full time job, maybe even two jobs, and sacrificing precious time with your kids just to get the bills paid. Maybe the countless hours that you are putting in at work are simply not cutting it. It's exasperating and frustrating, but you don't have to do it alone. You can get help – and both the government and private institutions can give it to you in the form of grants. There are several options to assist you, and there are different grants for single mothers to pay bills from which you can choose. Also if you are keen on making money, Five Ways for Single Mothers to Make Money may be a good section for you to look at.

  • Housing GrantsHousing Grants Anyone who has looked into to buying or renting a place knows exactly how expensive it is. The cheapest places are usually one-bedroom apartments, and most are so small you would be hard-pressed to function normally within their walls. You don't have to live like that, and one of the single mom grants for bills that you can find is housing grants. The government will give you money to find suitable shelter for you and your kids. All you have to do is go online to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's web portal and research some of the options that are in your area. Eg. If you are looking for Help for Single Mothers in Illinois, you should look at state specific section which will be more suited to your requirement.
  • Grants for CollegeGrants for College Another option that is great for paying your school bills is possibly one of the brightest for your future. You can qualify to get single mom grants for bills in the form of university grants. The most common grant is a Federal Pell Grant, and you can use the money you receive to pay your bills while you are attending school. To find out if you qualify, visit the U.S. Department of Education's FAFSA website to fill out an application and speak to an advisor.
  • Daycare GrantDaycare Grants Whether you are working or going back to school, someone needs to take care of your kids while you're away. Don't compromise by taking your kids to a place that you don't feel comfortable with simply because it's the cheapest place around. You can put your kids in a safe and healthy environment and save yourself worry by receiving a grant that will help you pay for childcare. Your local Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) can help you identify your options and choose the daycare grant that is right for you.
  • Women's Opportunity AwardsWomen's Opportunity Awards Program It's not easy doing what you do each day as a working single mother, and the Women's Opportunity Awards Program wants you to know that it will get better. The organization has designed a program to assist single mothers like you to pay their bills. They award $1.5 million each year to help women better their lives. They provide opportunities to assist you with securing a future job more easily, help you with your education, and teach you job skills that will make you indispensable in the work force. Also if we talk about specific states like Arkansas, there are programs under Help for Single Mothers in Arkansas which can really be very beneficial for looking for job opportunities.