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Here helping you find the right School Grants for Single Mothers

Going back to school after taking a hiatus is hard for anyone. It's especially difficult when you're a single mother who has a million other things to juggle. Many do not even think they still have the option. When you are the sole provider for your family, you have bills to pay. The last thing you want to do is add a student loan to the mix.

If you have always wanted to go to school but thought, "I can't afford this," think again. It is possible to get your school fees paid for you – through grants. There are many kinds of grants and even specific school grants for single mothers.

Where to Find School Grants for Single Moms

School Grants for Single MothersYou can receive school grants for single mothers through the federal government, your state, or private institutions. You can find federal grants by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).You can do this by visiting the U.S. Department of Education's web portal. Also for state specific help like Help for Single Mothers in Iowa, our state wise section can be very useful.

After you submit this free application, the Department of Education will contact you and inform you about the grants for which you qualify. Your status as a single mother and your income will give you an edge over the other candidates who are vying against you for grant money.

Each individual state has their own grant and scholarship programs are well. Take a trip to your local library or get online and visit your state's Department of Education web portal to find out more about your options.

A third option is private institutions. There are many private grant programs for single moms offered by different foundations and organizations around the country, though they are a little bit harder to find. However, if you take just a little time to apply to these programs & Scholarships for Single Moms individually, you may be pleasantly surprised with the result.

Obama's Grant for Single Mothers

Obama's Grant for Single MothersPresident Obama recently signed a bill increasing the payout amount of the Federal Pell Grant. Obama put this bill into effect as an incentive for single moms who have the desire to return to school but did not think it was a financial possibility. Some key components of this grant are:

  • Unlike student loans, you don't have to pay the money back
  • Maximum amount awarded increased to $5,500
  • Can be applied to school costs or paid to you directly
  • The school must tell you how and when you will be paid in writing
  • Need is determined by annual income

Equipped with the knowledge that grants for single mothers are out there, now is the time to step into your future. Use the internet to search for grants that you may be eligible for and apply for as many as you can. You may not be able to get the entire amount of your school expenses covered, but you can at least use these grants to take care of a large portion of the costs. Even Government Daycare Assistance for Single Moms is something that should add to your knowledge repository.

You can re-apply for grants as your situations changes, and once your grant runs out you can always find more. Take the first step and apply for the FAFSA and you will be on your way to moving in the right direction. You will soon be providing a brighter future for your family and leading your kids by example – proving that anyone with enough drive can make their dreams come true.