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How to Find Affordable Legal Help for Single Mothers

The cost of legal representation can be staggering. As a single mother, you may believe that you will never be able to afford any type of legal help. This can be very disheartening in several situations, particularly if you’re gearing up for a long court battle regarding custody or child support.

Legal help for single mothers is available, however. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible to receive free or low-cost legal representation. This can be especially helpful when trying to obtain child support from a father that is unwilling to pay, or if you’re seeking justice for being abused. Several different agencies, organizations, and businesses may be willing to offer legal assistance for single mothers. In many cases, you just need to know where to look and who to talk to if you need help.

Legal Help for Single Mothers Seeking Child Support

Legal Help for Single Mothers Seeking Child SupportSince it takes two to make a child, it’s only fair that both parents play a financial role in the child’s life. Unfortunately, some fathers may not see it that way, and they may attempt to dodge child support in any way possible. In order to start receiving child support, however, you will usually need to go before a judge.

Legal representation for mothers seeking child support can often be found at county child support offices in the form of Legal Aid. It’s a free service for people who met certain income limitations, and these offices often have several lawyers and paralegals that are willing to help you during child support and custody battles.

Legal Help for Single Mothers Who Have Been Abused

Legal Help for Single Mothers Who Have Been AbusedAbuse is one of the ugliest aspects of life, and abusive spouses and fathers can cause lifelong emotional and physical scars. Unfortunately, many abused women often feel as if they have nowhere to turn and no shoulder to lean on. Seeking justice for abuse can be a long and costly process, but rest assured that there is legal help for single mothers who have been abused.

The local battered women’s shelter is one of the first places that you should turn to if you or your children have been abused. Many of these shelters work with local attorneys who offer their services pro bono. Some organizations may even have their own staff of paralegals and attorneys, as well as victim advocates. With your cooperation, these professionals will work hard to ensure that justice is served to your abuser.

Legal Help for Single Mothers Who Have Committed a Crime

Legal Help for Single Mothers Who Have Committed a CrimeEveryone makes mistakes, even the best mommies in the world. Some legal mistakes, however, can be very costly, and without proper legal representation, you may end up paying with your freedom. Whether you need help with an unjustified traffic violation or something more serious, you may be able to obtain free legal help from your county’s public defenders.

Public defenders are attorneys that are hired by county governments to provide legal representation to low-income individuals. If you have been accused of committing a crime and are unable to pay for legal representation, you may qualify to receive free legal representation from your local public defender’s office.

Other Legal Help for Single Mothers

Local legal aid officeIf you are unable to obtain legal representation due to income restrictions or any other reason, you should try to contact your local legal aid office. Although this legal help may not be completely free, it is usually very affordable. These offices are typically staffed by paralegals, and they often specialize in areas such as family law and discrimination cases. In general, most legal aid offices are unable to represent defendants in criminal trials, but they may be able to put you in touch with an affordable lawyer who can, if necessary.