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How to Select an Attorney

Divorce and child custody battles were probably not what you pictured when you decided to have kids with your partner. If a legal battle has you scratching your head, then it's time to know how to select an attorney.

Selecting an attorney is an important part of how your legal situation unfolds. Take a step back and think deeply because selecting the right attorney takes patience and perseverance.


Determine what type of lawyer you need

Determine what type of lawyer you needAre you going through a divorce or are you trying to win custody of your children? When it comes down to these issues, you will most likely need a family lawyer. Lots of lawyers claim to be family lawyers, but you need someone with actual expertise in this field. When you meet with the lawyer, make sure you ask questions like:

  • How long have you been practicing law?
  • What types of cases have you dealt with?

If the lawyer is serious about helping you, then he should have no problems answering these questions. Try not to feel intimidated or let anyone overawe you, after all this is about your children and their future. The way you will get answers to the above two questions will really give you an idea if you are with the right guy. And remember feel free to ask questions and also ensure that he answers in detail.

Determine the lawyer's objective

Determine the lawyer's objectiveThe great thing about choosing an attorney, when you are paying for it, is that you get to interview and select the lawyer you want to be represented by. The lawyer you choose should want to settle the case to your advantage and not just settle. There is no point in having a lawyer represent you, if they he/she does not have your family's best interest in mind. Choose a lawyer who is not egocentric about his or her capabilities and stick with the one who can actually deliver realistic expectations.

Consider other alternatives

Other alternatives - MediationThe legal system is very black and white and single mothers do have more choices than they might realize. Mediation is a common way in which people choose to settle disputes with past partners. A single mediator is acceptable when both parties agree to such a thing. However, it's best to be wise because mediation is just a way to reach an agreement and it may not always be the best route. Decisions you make during the mediation may be decisions you end up regretting later down the road. Mediation has its pros and cons, but you must decide if it's right for you and your particular situation.


Lawyers literally come in all shapes and sizes. Your ideal attorney may not be what your other friends have chosen. While you are selecting an attorney it is best to just keep a clear mind. Seek out a consultation with a lawyer and know what your options are with that lawyer. Meeting with a lawyer does not mean you have to hire them straight away. Putting your time and patience in interviewing several attorneys is an ideal route to go. The bottom line in selecting an attorney is making sure you feel comfortable with him or her and that he/she is affordable. The attorney is working for you and your case, so there is no need to feel intimidated by their professional status. You have to keep your best interest in mind.