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How to Find Daycare Assistance for Single Mothers

With today’s economy quickly rushing down the toilet, parents are finding it more and more difficult to raise children with just one income.

At some point, childcare is almost always a must. While many two-parent families are able to juggle their schedules to reduce childcare costs, single parent families don’t always have that option. However with assistance for single moms which can also be in the form of childcare, this challenge is addressed to a large extent.

In order to make ends meet, many single mothers are finding themselves working more hours. Of course, as a single mother, you most likely realize that the more hours you work, the more you’ll end up paying in childcare.

Daycare Assistance for Single MothersDaycare assistance for single mothers and fathers can help ease the burden of rising childcare costs, however. This type of assistance allows parents to pay less for reliable and safe childcare, and it can help take a load off parents’ minds. Receiving this type of assistance can help you spend less time at work and more time playing mom. Finding help with daycare costs isn’t as difficult as you might think. There are several places to find this type of assistance, but you have to know where to look.

Government Daycare Assistance for Single Moms

Government Daycare Assistance for Single MomsAfter a trip to your local government assistance office, you’ll most likely find all of the information you need about government daycare assistance for single moms. These assistance programs are funded by state and federal grant money, which is often paid directly to the daycare of your choice on your behalf.

Being a single mother doesn’t always make you automatically eligible to receive this type of childcare assistance, however. You must still meet income eligibility guidelines and provide information regarding your income, living costs, and family size. If you meet all of the eligibility requirements, all or part of your daycare costs could be paid for so you can focus on paying other bills.

Daycare Assistance for Single Mothers From Private Organizations

Daycare Assistance for Single Mothers from Private OrganizationsSeveral non-profit organizations and private companies might also offer daycare assistance to single parent and low-income families as well. Churches, for example, may offer free or low-cost after school programs. Local private groups, which are often funded by government grants and private donations, might also offer some sort of free or reduced childcare solution.
While some organizations offer affordable childcare to all parents, some may cater only to church members or single parents. That’s kind of can be counted as pros of single parenting. However, be sure to contact these organizations for all of the eligibility guidelines.

Daycare Assistance for Single Mothers From Daycare Businesses

Daycare Assistance for Single Mothers from Daycare BusinessesMany daycare businesses also usually offer reduced cost childcare to eligible parents. For example, privately owned daycare centers may be willing to work with you to help cover your childcare costs. The only way to find out if your current daycare center is willing to offer you a reduced cost is to ask.

Some of these businesses may offer for small favors in return, which can include donating materials or volunteering your time for fundraisers or other events. Others, however, may simply offer you reduced cost childcare based on your income. Like many private and non-profit organizations, these businesses are able to do this because of government grants and voluntary donations which basically are for Single Mothers Benefits.

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