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How to Apply for Financial Help from the Government, it's not that hard

If you are looking for a life changing opportunity, then consider going back to school. If hard on resources, learn how to get financial help from the government with just a few steps.

Lots of people are eligible to receive financial aid and you never know until you apply. Of course, financial aid varies by county and by state, so you'll need to make sure this information pertains to your situation.

  • Organise all your important financial documents

    Financial aid from the governmentIn order to qualify for financial aid from the government, you need to have all your financial paperwork in line. If you are applying for aid for the next school year, then you will need your tax information from the previous year. For example, for the 2012-2013 year, you need your financial information for 2012. Students will need to use their parent's financial information if they are not considered an independent student.

  • Create a pin, so you can fill out your FAFSA electronically

    FAFSABack in the day, you used to have to fill out a paper FAFSA, sign it and then send it in. In this e-age, you can fill out the FAFSA online and then sign it electronically with something called a PIN. This PIN number is really important because it's also how you access your financial information after you have filled out all of the paperwork. To get a PIN for your FAFA you will go to From this website, you can apply for a pin, check pin status or even request a duplicate PIN.

    Pin Web Site

  • Visit to begin applying for financial aid from the government.

    Keep in mind that you need to fill this out if you are applying for state aid and federal aid. Without this FAFSA application, you are eligible for no aid. Filling out this application also makes you eligible for taking federal student loans. Click the start here button and the website will help you walk through each and every step. It's important to make sure you are honest about your financial information. The IRS continues to do research for those who fill out the FAFSA. You never know if you could be chosen for an audit. In that case, you would be asked to show all of your financial records.

    FAFSA application

  • Follow the deadlines for your state

    Keep in mind that each state has a different deadline. In most states, if you miss the deadline then you may still be eligible for the federal aid but not the state aid. Head on over to if you would like to see the deadlines for the FAFSA for your particular state.

    Student Aid Deadline

    After you apply for your financial aid, you will have other paperwork to fill out with your school. Most aid is granted based off your income, however almost everyone is eligible for the same amount of federal student loans. Keep in mind that you do not want to borrow more than you need because you eventually may have to pay these loans back.