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How to Get Nursing Scholarships for Single Mothers

Long hours at minimum wage jobs just won’t cut it when raising children on your own. Earning a degree, however, can help you earn more and provide a more well-balanced life for yourself and your children.

Nursing degrees in particular are excellent degrees to have, considering the fact that qualified nurses are always in demand. While individuals with degrees in the medical field typically have higher incomes, earning these degrees typically take time and lots of money. For single mothers, earning a degree may seem out of reach, especially from a financial standpoint.

Nursing Scholarships for Single MothersWhat many single mothers may not realize is there is financial aid available, no matter how long they’ve been out of school. Since many single mothers fall within certain income guidelines, they will often qualify for general student aid, as well as specific nursing scholarships for single mothers. In order to find these scholarships and grants, however, you must first know where to look.

Student Financial Aid from the Government

Student Financial Aid from the GovernmentThe first step toward obtaining student aid to help pay for your nursing degree is usually to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. When filling out this form, you will be required to answer several different questions regarding your financial situation, your family situation, and the schools you wish to attend.

If you meet certain income guidelines, you may be eligible to receive government grants to help pay for your education. Federal Pell Grants, for example, are available to traditional and non-traditional students who wish to earn an undergraduate degree. Students who qualify for Pell Grants may also be eligible to receive a Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant as well. Most states also offer scholarships and grants to eligible students.

US Department of Health and Human ServicesAs a single mother, you may also qualify for The Nursing Scholarship Program. The US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) offers this program, and it was designed to alleviate the shortage of nurses in certain medical facilities. Students who are selected for this program may be eligible to receive tuition assistance, money to pay for books, and a monthly stipend. In return, participating students must spend at least two years working in an approved facility.

Nursing Scholarships for Single Mothers from Public and Private Organizations

Nursing Scholarships from Public and Private OrganizationsSeveral different public and private organizations also offer nursing scholarships and grants as well. If you have already chosen the school you would like to attend, then a visit to that schools financial aid department is in order. The individuals in this office will often be able to point you in the right direction, and they may be able to help you apply for scholarships and grants offered by the school itself. Your chosen school, for instance, may offer nursing scholarships for single moms, or scholarships for women and minorities. A few educational institutions may even offer scholarships geared toward non-traditional students in general.

Nursing groups and organizations also offer different scholarships for students working toward their nursing degrees. For example, the American Association of Nurses offers scholarships to eligible students who are planning to specialize in certain areas of nursing, including oncology, neuroscience, and rehabilitation. Countless other organizations also offer nursing grants for single mothers. To find scholarships and grants that you might be eligible for, try searching on reputable financial aid sites like The FastWeb Scholarship Search website.