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Worried about how to fund higher education? Here's your single mom scholarship guide

Concerned about financing your higher education, what with children's education to pay for and higher studies being an expensive proposition for single moms?

No need to lose heart. There is plenty of financial help at hand. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you track single mother grants across the US to suit your specific needs.



National scholarships

Women in Transition Scholarship

National ScholarshipsFor single moms wanting an accounting degree, the Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting grants scholarships of up to $16,000 for 4 years. Single mother enrolling in her freshman year in a Bachelors program and who is the primary source of income for her family are usually offered these.

Women in Need Scholarship

The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting doles out $2,000 per year as financial help for 2 years. To be eligible, an applicant must be finishing her sophomore year in an accredited accounting program and she should be the one who is primary source of income for her family.

Emerge scholarships

Emerge Scholarships, Inc. distributes $2,000 – $5,000 awards to non-traditional female students annually. The scholarships cater to women whose education is delayed or interrupted by childcare and who want to pursue higher studies despite the given odds. Emerge prefers single mothers who give back to their communities and whose academic and career goals are in sync with those values. Though single moms in any U.S. state can apply, preference will be given to Georgia residents.

Displaced Homemaker Scholarships

For American Indians otherwise unable to pursue their educational goals due to familial responsibilities, the Association on American Indian Affairs provides a $1,500 award. Funds are provided in increments of $750 per semester and are available for childcare expenses as well as school education.

Regional scholarships

One Family Scholars Program

The One Family Scholars Program provides financial help to single mothers. To be eligible, candidates must live in Massachusetts, be endorsed by a partnering community organization, be a single head of a family with dependents below the age of 18. Have a family income below 200% of the federal poverty level and be a student at an accredited undergraduate institution in MA.

Ford Opportunity Program for Oregon Residents

The Ford Family Foundation provides assistance to single moms who make out a case for financial need. To qualify, applicants should be pursuing a Bachelors degree without financial help from a domestic partner. Applicants are screened on the criteria of personal success, community involvement and leadership.

Sol Goldberg Childcare Subsidy

To help meet the needs of childcare, the National Council of Jewish Women offers a number of scholarships, including a $1,000 subsidy. To qualify, applicants must reside and attend school in the Greater Los Angeles area with the aim of acquiring marketable skills. The scholarship is available to single parents irrespective of religion or ethnicity.

Ford Opportunity Program for Residents of Siskiyou County, California

Offered by the Ford Family Foundation, this single mother grant is meant for women pursuing a Bachelors program in Siskiyou County, CA. Applicants need to make out a case for financial aid and not have the support of a domestic partner. Women with a history of commendable personal success and community leadership get preference.

Andersen Nontraditional Scholarship for Women's Education and Retraining

For women over the age of 25 who are rearing one or more school-going children, the Foundation for the Carolinas provides financial help. To be eligible, applicants must be pursuing a 2-year nursing degree or a 4-year degree in any field. Applicants should be residents of Mecklenburg County, NC or a contiguous county in North or South Carolina.

Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship

The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Funds are meant for single parents in various Arkansas counties. Several of the single mother grants are based on financial need and can be renewed for multiple semesters (contingent on academic success).

The above guide gives an overview of the kinds of single mother grants available. Check out these scholarships to see which one is tailor-made to suit your situation and location and get going.