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Assisting the Single Mother – Colleges & State Programs

Single mothers are at risk for being economically and socially impoverished. However, there are a few programs available for assistance for single mothers, but each State differs in these programs.

For instance, many State colleges offer grants for tuition; sometimes a single mother can be granted half of her tuition or more.

Assistance for single mothers in Florida is readily accessible on a webpage that links up to cash benefit eligibility, transportation discounts, emergency shelter, medical assistance, abuse hotlines, and nutritional aid. Community-Based Care is a Florida program that helps families evade abusive situations. Single mother assistance is something that the State of Florida takes seriously.

Transportation DiscountMany States do attempt to offer single mom assistance, but there is no one answer for every family. Some families struggle with finances, while others struggle to maintain close relationships in their community. Some mothers need child care help so they can work or go to school. Many single mothers really struggle with transportation because rural areas lack public transportation. Finding solutions for single mom assistance programs requires multi-faceted approaches. Assistance for single mothers is something the State alone can solve, but the whole community needs to pull together to protect its weakest members.

Assistance For Single MothersOne of the serious misunderstandings about single mothers is that they are just draining the welfare system in abuse. While some people do choose to live off the State, most single moms are not in the situation by choice; they are merely struggling to survive. Getting ahead and moving forward in life is on the backburner. More pressing matters at hand tend to consume time. The single mother has to ensure her child is fed, clothed, housed, bathed, safe, and educated. On top of that, single moms juggle bills and the everyday challenges in life. Surprises, such as a flat tire, that most people face every once in a while, become catastrophes for the single mom with few or no resources, so State single mother assistance is usually one of the only options available to a single mom.

Cash Benefit EligibilityBy ensuring single moms some level of security, the U.S. government provides a safety net to allow more freedom for these mothers brave enough to fight the odds and keep their children. As the example mentioned above, assistance for single mothers in Florida State, mothers of eligibility are free from starvation and have a place to turn for advice on how to deal with their situation effectively. Instead of accumulating stress and turning to addictions to cope with pain, single moms in the U.S. have a shred of hope they can use to boost them up in society. Children of single mothers who turn to assistance programs are really not a drain on the system, but they are actively trying to join the system of society in order to provide their children a shot at life.

Assisting Single Mother with Gasoline & Cell PhonesSometimes, the smallest of helps in assisting single moms are what mean the most. In Washington State, cell phones are given to eligible people of low income with 250 minutes for free. Free gasoline is another form of assistance that people struggling can use once in their lifetime, but it is sixty dollars of something that could get a person started at a job. The fact is, some people need help, and that is totally okay as long as they receive it and are in fact helped instead of stuck in a rut of poverty.