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Learn About Just One Person

Education is something that changes the people and their perspective around you. What if you did not have access to the education you receive today? Just One Person is a unique program that not only educates African girls boy is geared to take them beyond academics.

What is the program?

Just One Person started in 2008 and has been a huge blessing to the girls of Africa since then. It started out as only ministering to 25 girls or so, but has really taken off now. It's more than just educating the African girls, it's about teaching them life skills, so that they help provide for themselves and their families. Empowering these girls allows the whole community to feel involved and empowered.

What is the cost of the program?

Just One person Program The cost of the program is actually quite small in comparison to a lot of similar programs. The goal of this program is to provide women with life altering options. A lot of the program expenses are taken care of by donations, but the girls are asked to help pay nominal money too. The total cost for 25 participants in the program comes out to around $7,000.

Accountability of the program…

Just like any good program there is accountability to Just One Person. Each and every dollar they spend is not hidden and it's completely public. Anyone can come along and see how the program is occupied. It's easy to see that the women who operate this program are very serious about what they do. You can easily contact anyone in the program by emailing them.

How can you help?

Changing lives of African girlsJust like any other program that is trying to change the lives of people around them, there is a way you can help Just One Person. You can share your photos of the girls you have met who have been impacted by Just One Person. There is also the opportunity to jumpstart a program that will eventually donate the proceeds to Just One Person. Raise awareness by running for the cause. Check around the Just One Person website and then look at the “How You Can Help” tab. You can also donate $600 dollars which will cover the program for one girl for one year. There are also many other ways you can give, all you need to do is reach out to the program.

Just One Person is seeing Results

Just One Person keeps going because they are seeing substantial results. Meeting one of these girls, you will see the impact that this program has on them. Join their mailing list, so you can keep up-to-date on the latest things going on with Just One Person.

What does this have to do with you?

Bringing Income to FamiliesSingle moms are all over the world. Think of how many of these young girls are living in single parent homes. It's their turn to get the help they need to change their lives. Some of these girls are the only bringing in an income to their families. If more programs like this existed, then perhaps the world would be a much better place.

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