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Create a budget catering to a Single Mothers; it's easier than you think

The cat is out of the bag and it’s finally dawned on you that it’s just you alone who’ll be providing for your family. The big question here is, how do you create a budget catered to single mother raising children on her own? Maybe you will get some child support or other monetary supplements, but that still needs to go into your budget. First, you must realize that this will not be your typical and everyday budget. Money will most likely be tight and that’s the main reason for a budget. Follow this how-to-guide; this may help you do all this in a more organized manner.

Make a list of all your bills

Make a list of all your billsMaking a list of all your bills will allow you to see what type of budget you need to make. The more bills you have, naturally the tighter the budget is going to be. Make sure you are honest about the amount of money that you owe each month, so that your budget is not over-stretched later.

Make a list of all incoming money

Now is the hard part. Sit down and make a list of all the money that is incoming. No matter where it is coming from or who it is coming from, as long as it contributes to paying your bills, then it should go into your budget.

Realize the benefits of a budget

Realize the benefits of a budgetThe absolute importance of a budget is for a person to track what they are spending and to make sure only designated amount of money is spent on respective entries. A well thought out budget also allows a person to control what he or she spends. There are no surprises in store when it comes to bills because money is already set aside for those particular bills.

Find what works for you

There are several money gurus out there that tell you what to do with your money and how to keep track of it. One of the most popular ways to control the spending is to use envelopes. The envelopes are a great way because you put your budgeted allowance into that envelope and that's all you can spend in that category. This works well for people who pay cash for their bills, but it may not work for everyone across board. So you will be the best judge to decide what will work for you.

Cut unnecessary expenses

Cut unnecessary expensesThe hard part of creating a budget is actually cutting out unnecessary expenses. Almost every family has some expenses that they really do not need. One single mother may be spending way too much on eating out and another single parent family may have cable. If you are serious about sticking to a budget, then it's important to realize when and where you can cut money. It's going to take some getting used to, but everything will get easier overtime.


The above are basic tips to create a budget, but there may be more of these which will go into creating a reasonable budget for your family. However the more critical part is to ensure you practically follow what you have laid out for yourself. Watching your spending is probably one of the hardest things to do, but imagine the positive after effects of it. Knowing you are enjoying the simpler things in life could also make this process a little smoother.

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