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According to a British study, homes with both parents seem to make the biggest difference

Children who grow up in two parent homes are more likely to live fuller lives, according to a newly released British study. The interesting part of this study is that the economic status or welfare of the family does not matter.

Children who grow up in poor homes with two parents seem to be flourishing and are better prepared to take on life challenges as compared to the others who just have single parents to count on.

Satisfaction in Life is More Important

Life SatisfactionLife satisfaction is important and those who grow up in a civil union or are married seem to produce the “happiest kids.” The low ratings were given to those raised in a single parent homes or even a broken families. The type of behavioral issues a child may have varies as well, according to this study. Some children seem to have behavioral problems because of the way they were raised; a few have problems due to genetic issues.

The strong two parent home environments produce happy and healthy children because the environment definitely is safe, happy and nurturing. With that being said, these two-parent-homes are also not near perfect, but they are doing the best they can, just like any other family structure out there.

Is one Parent's Love Enough?

Survey - Homes with both parentsIn today's society, people will always argue - all that matters is if the parents love their kids, and this is so true. According to this British study, children end up the happiest when they are raised in a two parent home. In a perfect world, everyone would grow up with their moms and dads, but that's not real life. Obviously, children who grow up in broken homes and with single parents cannot help their circumstances however some of them have it pretty good too.

Although this study shows that married couples are raising happy children, it does not mean other parents are doing something wrong. No child or parent wants to raise their children in a negative environment – it is just that in single parents' set-up it gets a little more overwhelming at times.

All a child needs is his or her parents

The money, the fame and the fortune does not really matter to your children. What matters is that you were there for them and did the best you could. Children love their parents for who they are and what they are doing for them, not how much money they make. If you have it right it will only be reciprocated to you.

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