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Single Pregnant Women: Considerations before Giving Birth

Single pregnant women have a lot on their plate while they’re pregnant –

Going to doctor visits without a spouse or partner, making arrangements for the baby alone, and facing morning sickness without a loving cohort to commiserate.

All this can add up to a very stressful nine months for Single pregnant women , but things will only get harder after the baby arrives if certain considerations are not made before you go into labor.

Can I Do This Alone?

Single Pregnant WomenThe most important question Single pregnant women should ask themselves when planning for a baby that they will take care of on their own is whether they will be able to handle the responsibility financially. The toll a baby takes on your finances is staggering, so you need to have a plan before the birth.

According to a study by the US Department of Agriculture, raising a baby can cost anywhere from around $200,000 to more than $400,000, depending on your income. This is a massive number, and it means that you need to be prepared now, and have in mind what steps you will take to enlist the financial help you need before you pack for the delivery room. It’s also wise to look at state wise help too, e.g. if you are in Montana, programs for Help for Single Mothers in Montana should also be closely looked at.

Child Support

Office of Child Support EnforcementEven if you don’t have the greatest relationship with the baby’s father, you still need to communicate your financial needs to him so that you can both help pay for raising your child. If the father is uncooperative or you’re unsure whether he will even step up to the plate, then filing for child support may be a good option for you. Make an appointment to speak with someone at your local Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) so you can get started on the necessary paperwork and find out about your options before the baby is born. One should also look particularly for grants for single moms, which may be something that can help you out in the hour of need.

State Programs

Food Stamps or Vouchers for Single MothersIf you know you’ll still have a little trouble making ends meet with the help of child support from the father, then make a trip to your local Department of Health and Human Services and talk to a caseworker about help for pregnant single women. You can find out if you qualify for medical assistance for yourself and your child, as well as whether you qualify for things like food stamps or vouchers to help you with your rental payments.

Support Networks for Single Pregnant Women

Help for Pregnant Single WomenYou also need to set up your support networks if you are planning on going it alone. This means that you need to enlist the help of friends and family. For example, will one or both of your parents be able to care for the child while you’re working so you can save on childcare? How about finding local single and pregnant support groups in your area so you have people to talk to that are in the same situation as yourself? Setting up a strong support network is every bit as important as organizing your financials for your impending bundle of joy, and taking care of both of these things before you have the baby will benefit the both of you in the long run. State sponsored programs for benefits for single moms are ofcourse there for supplementing you through the thick & thin.

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