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Positive Side of Single Mothers Statistics

Everyone, even single mothers make the comment that they don't want to be another statistic. Who says statistics mean failure?

There are good single mothers statistics out there that are good, but you probably don't read much about that. Even if there are not so positive statistics out there, you do not have to give into them.


For starters, here are some single mother statistics that are probably not so surprising

  • 23% of kids live with only a mother, 4% live with only a father, and 4% live with neither parent.
  • Single Mother StatisticsThat means you are not alone in this journey and there are other households just like yours. The main concern is how you deal with your situation, since you cannot chance it. Living with just a mother or just a father might seem like a disadvantage, but there ought to be many positive outcomes too.

  • 80% percent of single mothers are employed.

    Single Mom StatisticsThis is a positive single mothers statistic for several reasons. Often times it is said that single mothers make little to no money. It says a lot about a mother when she is willing to get out and get a job to support her family. No matter the reason for being a single mom, the above statistic shows that single mothers still have a passion and conviction to support their families.

  • Single mothers, who earn a college degree, earn more money overtime.
  • Single Mother Earn Money OvertimeIt's encouraging to see so many single mothers going back to college. The above single mothers statistic shows that single mothers are going back to school and earning more income for their families. Each year there are more reports of single mothers going back to school and changing their lives. The steps for going back to school are getting easier too. Since more single moms are seeing the benefit in going back to school it is also encouraging their children to finish high school and go onto college.

Single Mothers Statistics

Statistics of Single MothersAs mentioned before, there are a lot of negative statistics when it comes to single moms and single dads; however, you do not have to become a statistic. It's important to worry about your situation and see how you can improve it. There are a lot of resources that can help single mothers better their situation and get the results they want.

Working, getting an education and persevering through the hard times are one way to be a part of the successful statistics. If the women in these statistics can make it happen, then so can you. No matter how you became a single mother, you are not alone in the single parenting world.

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