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Charity Making a Difference in the Lives of Two Single Mothers

A local charity is making the difference in the lives of many women. Just because someone is a single mother does not mean they chose that lifestyle, it was more the circumstances that did it in.

Single Mother My Choice does talk about local charities in your community that reach out and help those in need. Luckily, for two single moms, a charity by the name of Catholic Action's Social Assistance Secretariat helped their lives more than they could ever imagine.

Jackie's Success Story

Catholic Action's Social Assistance Secretariat - JackieThis success story is about a mother named Jackie. Jackie always had everything she could ever need and one day all that came to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, times changed for her and she soon found herself begging for food and money to help provide for her son. Catholic Action's Social Assistance Secretariat stepped in when no one else did and helped provide Jackie with the resources she needed to be successful. Like many women in the world, Jackie was the hapless victim of violence, but luckily she had the help she needed to end the cycle of abuse.

Diana's Success Story

Catholic Action's Social Assistance Secretariat - DianaCatholic Action's Social Assistance Secretariat also stepped in to help a mother by the name of Diana. Medical problems and health problems with her son caused Diana a lot of stress and obviously money issues. While she did get some support, it was not even enough to cover the everyday expenses. Diana wanted greatly to get out and better the life of her and her boys. Thanks to Catholic Action's Social Assistance Secretariat she was able to get the schooling she needed to find a job that would help support her and her two sons. She felt most honored that a charity was willing to reach out and help her without unduly getting into judging her.

About Catholic Action's Social Assistance Secretariat

Catholic Action's Social AssistanceCatholic Action's Social Assistance Secretariat has been around for over 50 years. They have provided help to a multitude of people who need it. Helping the poor has been a lifetime goal of this charity. Some people are born into poverty and others are pulled into it. No matter what, it's important that people get the help and support when they need it the most. Catholic Action's Social Assistance Secretariat does not see skin color, sex or social status; they simply see people in need. And they live up to this commitment day in and day out.

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