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5 Ways for a Single Mother to Make Ends Meet

In daily life, most people can readily relate to the term "making ends meet." These words have never rung more true for single mothers who are raising children on their own. Budgeting is extremely important for everyone, but even moreso for a single mother.

How can a single mother make ends meet, when she is the only one working? Sometimes a single mother has to be more creative than an average family, on a budget.


1. Working from Home

Working from HomeTechnology has taken over the world and it's to the benefit of those who are looking for a job. Companies are saving lots of money by hiring people who can work from home. Having an office in your home can save a lot of money right from the start; childcare and gas are two major perks of this work at home journey. Not only is working from home a way to make ends meet, but you can also have the advantage of doing it around your brick and mortar job. When single mothers have to work more than one job it can take a toll on the family. Working from home will be no cake walk, but at least you can still keep your family close.

2. Go on a Spending Freeze

Spending FreezeA spending freeze is where you just stop spending money, unless you have to. You just stop going out to eat and you stop buying clothing. A spending freeze is great towards the end of the month, when you have no extra money and you just want to make sure you can pay your bills. When you do not have the extra money to spend, then it's as simple as not spending it.

3. Start Selling Stuff

Sell JunkA lot of people, including single mothers, have a lot of junk in their house that they can just do without. It's important when you are desperate for money to not sell stuff that your family relies on. Although it's easy to want to sell those things because they are the most profitable, you will spend a lot of time trying to make up the money to purchase a new one. Try to get rid of things that your family doesn't use anymore. You might be surprised as to how much money you can truly generate by just selling a few items that are unusable to you and your family.

4. Sell Your Talent

Sell Your TalentAs a single mother, you are used to being creative in most aspects and that's where selling your talent comes into play. As long as it's legal and does not cause harm to your family, then you should consider pursuing it to make ends meet. Knitting, sewing, yard work and so on, are just a few talents that many women possess. It takes some work to get the word out about your new business. One word of advice: do not be shy and do not be afraid to charge when others ask you for your services.

5. Any Means Necessary

Reuse, recycle, clip coupons, thrift shop, garage sale, you get the idea. Whenever you are trying to make ends meet, then it does not make sense to go into more debt or to spend money that you do not have. When it comes to making sure your bills are paid, you just have to cut corners. Ask around and get fresh ideas for saving money and getting the things you need. Remember that this is just a phase in your life and before you know it, it will be over.


Ways to make ends meetMaking ends meet is a reality for not just single moms. Most families too have unfortunately been brought down by the economy. It’s all about creativity and what you can do to make sure your family has food on the table and lights on at night.
Do you have any “making ends meet tips” that you would like to share? Send it across and we’ll try to incorporate it for helping other single mothers around.

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