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Nashville Program focuses on Fathers

Do you know that around 40% of the children born into American homes today are raised in single parent homes? That's an astonishing number coming from a country that is counted as developed for decades.

Anyways, Robert Taylor who works for betterment of single parents, is looking to change the way the fathers of Nashville impact their families. A grant from the United States government has given Robert Taylor a chance to roll out a program that would benefit single parent families all across the state. The program would give fathers a much larger part of their kids' lives.

What is the Grant For?

Nashville Program focuses on FathersThe grant is for $4.8 million dollars and it will serve in the areas in which single parent neighborhoods are hit the hardest. The program means serious business and they are not just handing out money to helpless families rather it is for sustained impact. Instead, this program is there to reach out and educate single parent families. The ultimate goal of the program is to serve at least 500 fathers and then go onto serve mothers and children of the Nashville area as well.

Helping out all parts of the Family

There is a lot of concern for the Nashville area because single parent families is seeing an astonishing rise here. One of the biggest issues in Nashville is that most of these are single moms trying to raise their children alone and most of them fall below the poverty line. When families fall below the poverty line, they seem to miss out on a lot of opportunities.

How is this Program Different?

Robert Taylor & Adjoa - The New Life ProgramThere are many programs that pop up each and every year to help single parent initiatives, but not all of them are as helpful as they set out to be. Taylor's The New Life program wants to build more than just a monetary future for these fathers. They are hoping that with the fathers making an initiative to pay their child support, perhaps they will be able to build positive relationships in the lives of the children they have left behind. Sometimes there are barriers that keep the father away from the family, this new program is hoping to remove the barriers and help build great relationships.

Is $4.8 Million Enough?

The New Life Program - focuses on FathersJust like any other program there are some worries that $4.8 million dollars is not enough to change the trend in the Nashville area of single parents, but they at least want to try. No one can say whether this program will be successful or not, but there is a lot of hope for the program to succeed. The New Life program really thinks that if they are able to reach and teach the fathers, then other things might change for the single parent families in Nashville.

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