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Fast Track to Burn Out: Slow Down and Refocus Your Life

Most people think that balancing work, motherhood and life is not so difficult; however, this in real sense is a misconception. Moms and single moms all over the world are aiming to find jobs that allow more flexibility in their lives.

The most special part of having children is the time you get to spend with them, so it only makes sense to spend time away from work. Many single moms want to have jobs that are not overwhelming; so they can spend as much time as they can with their kids.

Studies show that people (including single moms) would much rather spend time with family and friends. Money really has no compelling hold on people because they are rather more interested in what life has to offer and not the monetary value that comes with it.

Refocus Your LifeLet’s refocus this article on single parents. Working couples have each other to lean on, but what about those who are single parents. Imagine balancing life and work, and above all doing everything else too. Of course, you put your children first, but you also have to go grocery shopping, attend events, drive kids’ places, pay bills, and spend time with them and so on. Some may wonder how working mothers do it but the real question is “how do single mothers do it?” Of course, this is not a competition, but it is about recognizing those who have to go the extra mile in their kids’ lives.

Bills Have to Be Paid

Bills Have to Be PaidNow, we all know that the bills have to be paid and no one is asking you to turn into a lazy Susan. However, there are better ways we all can balance our everyday work lives with our regular lives. There is no need to be a workaholic. Sure, working a little extra is fine but do not spend every waking hour tending to emails and clients. The easiest way to say this is “while you’re at work; work and while you are home; spend time with your family.

It's Quite Refreshing

Spend time with children - RefreshingIsn't refreshing to see that more and more people want to spend time with their families and children? Money is one of those things that comes & goes and we shall never have enough of it. After all, what are your children going to remember most, the times when you were there or the times that you were not?

Take One Step at a Time

Children at PrioritiesEven if you are an over dedicated professional it's never too late to get your priorities in order. For some single moms it took having a kid to make them realize where there priorities are. You do not even have to have children to have priorities. Change one thing about your life at a time and watch how everything else just sort of falls into place.

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