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What is a Single Mother? Some perspectives

As silly as this question may sound, what is a single mother? You probably have your own definition of what a single mother is and have your own ideas about what it's like. It's one thing to wonder what a person is, but it's another to understand what they truly are.

A single mother is like a breath of fresh air to her children because she has chosen to dedicate her life to them, even when everyone else has chosen to walk away. Sure, she may need some help along the way, but there are many reasons a single mother is great at what she does.

What is a single mother?

Single Mother as Role modelA single mother is any woman who is raising her children on her own. Financially, physically and mentally she tries to devote every moment to her children.

As you can see, there is nothing negative about being a single mom, even when society tries to pressure you into thinking there is. In fact, there are a few benefits too of being a single mom:

There is no competition

You never have to worry about competition between you and your spouse. Your children realize you are their main caregiver and they learn to trust and respect you rightfully. You get to offer your children undivided love and give them as much attention as you want without sharing.

You get to be the role model

Single Mom - Role modelAs a single mom, you are sure to be the role model for your children. While you may falter here ‘n there, your children will still look up to you. The decisions you make and the things you do will however be always focused on making your family a lot better. The next time someone asks your children “what is a single mom”—they will explain to them what you are and how you make their lives special.

The memories are all yours

Memories of ChildrenIt does not matter how you became a single mom. Perhaps you chose this path, or it was chosen for you. The memories you love with your children are what is most important. It's relieving to know that you did everything in your power to give your children the life you never had. No mother is perfect, but what is important is that you captured the heart of your children and put it in your heart's memory bank forever. When your children think back about what is a single mom?, they will realize a single mom is not a stereotype, a genre or a thing; she was their mommy and she made their world a better place.

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