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Should Single Mothers Be Forced to Work? An unbiased insight

Trying to balance work and children is rather hard for most people, but what about single moms? Ironically, hundreds of single moms are about to lose their benefits in the United Kingdom.

This has to do with the issue of parents losing their benefits after their children go to school. Most are single mothers who will be faced with this hardship. Many say this is not fair at all and they want the moms to have more notice.


Job training to Moms & DadsA lot of families depend on these benefits to help make ends meet. The upside though is that the job centers in Britain would help moms and dads get job training and eventually find work. A lot of the charities that give their support say that these changes are coming up really quickly and most families might not have find the given time adequate to adjust.

Factors Single Parents Face

Factors Single Parents FaceWith only eight weeks or so of warning before the single moms must find a job, there is a lot of controversy brewing. A lot of these single moms are depending on the benefits to aid them while they attend school. A lot of single parents will be forced to go out and get a job too. It's a catch 22 because without these benefits the families will suffer and as such will not be able to move ahead either. Of course, there are some stipulations to this. Parents who are fostering children or who have a disabled child will still be able to receive benefits from the British government.

Should More Countries Do This?

Job PlacementsThe United Kingdom is bringing up a very controversial subject among single parents. Most government programs have stipulations that state that you can only be on government aid for so long anyways. Most government agencies are willing to help families with job training and job placement. Although removing the benefits will hurt at first, it's important that families are able to support themselves without invariably relying on government agencies.

This is also a hard topic because not all parents are in the same situation. Some moms get child support, while others are already doing all of this on their own. Some single moms are working, but are still not able to bring in an adequate income. While the government might be making a move in their best interest to save money, it's also important to understand that moms need more time to adjust.

Child Support to Single MothersIn Britain, single moms can receive benefits until their child goes to school. After that single moms are being forced to get out there and find a job-any job. Hopefully, agencies and charities will do what they say they will do and help the moms make ends meet. It may take some time for these thousands of moms to adjust, but in time they will. Let's hope the economy can support the thousands of mothers who will be out there looking for work in the United Kingdom in the upcoming weeks.

Millions of Parents are Speaking Out

Parents in the UK and around the world are not tolerating the new changes being made. As you can see, there are two sides to the story. Single parents are scared out there and lots of mothers are speaking out. If you are a single mother who is affected by this, please feel free to reach out to us. This information is brought to you from the following resources.

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