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DailyWorth, genuine personal finance advice to help you earn, save & spend better

For women, DailyWorth is quickly becoming the standard for personal finance advice on the ‘net. The site aims at helping women smarten up with their money – earning it, saving it, and spending it better.

The website revolves around the daily email newsletter, and it boasts nearly 230 thousand subscribers to date.

DailyWorth allows users to sign up to receive financial tips customized for women right to their email inboxes. It teaches women not only how to make the smartest of financial choices but also helps them learn how to take things a step at a time. It's not just your run-of-the-mill site, rather– it's a full-fledged online community. Women can interact with one another via comments on the articles or in the tailor-made forums right on the site. Networking is important for successful financial management, and DailyWorth provides that ability for women around the world. Our section on books about single mothers also carries some insights that may benefit a single mom in the long run.

DailyWorth Investors and Partners Explode the Website's Growth

Daily WorthLast March, DailyWorth managed to raise $850 thousand from many investors including (but not limited to) TomorrowVentures, Robin Hood Ventures, 500 Startups, and Howard Lindzon's Social Leverage. By this past January, the website had raised an additional $2 million and they're still going strong today.

Aside from the impressive fundraising abilities, DailyWorth's popular newsletter has won the attention of financial bigwigs such as H&R Block and ING, who have joined up as sponsors for the website. In addition, DailyWorth upped its Internet street cred when it added Andrew Russell as a board member who is known for having invested in several successful email companies such as Thrillist and Daily Candy.

mint.comDailyWorth has exponentially increased its reach by collaborating with, the megasite and an industry standard for the personal finance niche. By forming this powerful partnership, DailyWorth automatically got the chance to share its audience with and vice versa. This combination allows readers to enjoy the content provided by DailyWorth on its website and in emails, and then implement the advice by using the tools on DailyWorth also has plans to offer tools and tutorials on its site for readers - to help them with learning how to use the platform. Challenges of single mothers are there however with some handy help things can always be turned positive.

DailyWorth's Plans for the Future

CreateWorth.comDailyWorth has been hard at work developing its three new exclusive projects for readers. First, there's a new section on the website called CreateWorth, which was designed for women entrepreneurs – the section and accompanying email campaign is intended to motivate, inspire, and encourage women who own their own businesses so that they can be more successful and manage their money the right way.

The second addition to DailyWorth is MoreWorth, a section of the website that’s devoted to career, leadership, and investing. According to the website’s founder, MoreWorth is made for “women who live life on all cylinders.”

Finally, in its partnership with, DailyWorth recently launched “The Mini Fix,” which is a series of webinars provided to readers for free. The goal of the tutorials is to help readers get accustomed to the features, interface, and tools available on the platform so they can start managing their money and living life better as a result.

DailyWorth is directly on target with its financial advice and website design. The partnership with is just icing on the cake. Women are a huge demographic online, and their buying power is astronomical. If they learn how to properly save and budget their money, great things can happen. The trick is planning, support, and community – and DailyWorth provides just that. Also the charities for single mothers may be good resources to look at for some help & support.