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Is Fiverr un-reasonable or Am I over reacting?

I was going to create a post on how single mothers or women sitting at home can work from home. So for that purpose I have created my account in And after that created 2 gigs. In first gig I have mentioned that "I will submit your spun article to aln, abc and seolv to get you high quality backlinks for $5" and in the second gig I have mentioned that "I will submit your spun article to uaw, article ranks and my article network to get you high quality backlinks for $5".


Guess what, they have approved the first one and declined the second one by saying that "Your gig is a duplicate of another service you already offer on Fiverr".


They were not able to see the difference. So I contacted their support and asked them if they can explain me why the second one is duplicate.

fiverrcommunicationThey were fast to reply and you can see their reply below.


I explained again and asked them to approve to save everyone's time. But instead of accepting their mistake, asked me to submit a new gig for their review.


I really hate those people who do not accept their mistake and keep on running around the bush. In today's world "service matters" and if you are not giving any value to your customers, that day is not far when you will be out.

First of all no one asked me to offer any service. If I am offering any service I MUST take care of all the customers equally. Frank Kern (IM Guru) has mentioned in one of his posts that "YOU NEED TO TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS LIKE GOLD." And I fully agree with him. You can read his complete post here

Guys I may not have the good experience with them but you can give them a try and offer some service which you can do for $4 or less. Because they will deduct $1 (20%) for the work you have completed. And after that I guess there will be some cut from PayPal when you will transfer your funds there. I am sure sooner or later there will be some good player similar like them in the market who can provide good service, listen to customers, treat every customer as GOLD and will charge less (I think 20% is really very high). But I must say that they responded to my help desk requests very fast.

Just for those who want to try other sites like Fiverr, which I may try in the near future to test, can go to this post

Feel free to post your comments.

Opps... forgot to mention that due to their behavior I have suspended my active gig and decided not to continue with them.