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A Closer Look at for Single Mothers

When someone working at home, thinks of working at home, they automatically assume that all work at home jobs are scams. That is until one comes into contact with Work at Home Adventures. This is a unique blog that shows others how to work from home and how to actually make a living from it.

Hundreds of people have learned to work from home while reading information from this website. Miranda Grimm is the owner and founder of WAHA and she dedicates a lot of her time each week to make sure she posts accurate information for her readers.

How did WAHA come about?

Work at HomeMiranda Grimm started her work at home journey almost four years ago. She started working at home because she had a passion to be home with her children. One of her children was born in 2007 and the other was born in 2009. Thanks to Miranda's own journey with working at home, she can now tell the world the ups and downs of the process herself. She does that through the blog, She also has several other websites that have branched off from her WAHA site. One of those sites includes This website allows you to see work at home job leads on a daily basis.

Who can benefit from WAHA?

The beauty behind Work at Home Adventures is that anyone can benefit from it. Single mothers, single dads, stay at home moms, people with disabilities and people all over the world can find information that will help them find a work at home job. Single moms can benefit because you can work while your children are napping and sleeping. Some single mothers can work while their children attend school or even go to daycare for a few hours a week.

Stay at home moms can also benefit from working at home because it allows them to be home with their children while working at home as well. The idea behind working at home is that people save in many ways, like with gas and time. You are also able to be there for your family more often. From time to time, Miranda will let you into her personal life, so you can see what it’s truly like while working at home.

What kind of work at home jobs can you have?

Work at Home jobsWAHA teaches us that there are actually quite a few different jobs you can have while working at home. One of the more popular work at home jobs are phone positions. There are hundreds of companies that hire work at home agents. You can expect to make anywhere from minimum wage to a much higher pay. It’s all about investigating each phone job and seeing what would work for you, personally. There is also the freelance route that many people take. Miranda gives valuable information for those who may work as freelance writers, graphic designers, bloggers and even specialty freelancers. The options to working at home are endless. Here are a few other options:

  • Web search engine evaluator
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Extra Money makers
  • Transcription
  • Email/Chat Jobs
  • Customer Service

As you can see, the options are endless and it’s up to you to decide what you want to do. It’s best if you have some type of experience in a field, but many people jump right in and learn right away. It will take some time to be where you want financially, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Where to get started on To get started on, make sure you sign up for her weekly emails. You will subscribe to emails that will update you on regular posts. No matter if you are a single mother, stay at home mom, a disabled person or just want to earn extra money, you can follow work at home adventures and fully benefit.