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How & where to find Health Insurance as a Single Mother

You are now a single mother and you have to provide for your children. Not only are you missing a 2 person income, but you also need health insurance.

Health insurance for single moms does exist, but it might be hard to find the single mothers resources for these. Otherwise, you will be paying an arm and a leg for such insurance.

Are you willing to work at a job that provides amazing benefits, but otherwise is a rather unlikable job? Are you willing to go on state assistance to make sure your kids have health insurance?

Are you willing to purchase out of pocket health insurance?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you are fully prepared to find insurance for your family.

State Health Insurance

State Health InsuranceAll state programs are different, but most of the time you can receive discounted health insurance for being a single mom. If nothing, at least your children will qualify for some kind of health insurance. It’s important to atleast try, so that your children can be covered in case of an emergency. Here is a great resource for you single mothers that are trying to get your children covered with health insurance.

  1. Go to this link
  2. Click on your state and try to find the health insurance you need.
  3. Fill out the appropriate paperwork.

Purchasing Health Insurance

Purchasing Health InsuranceYou probably know that for the right price, you can purchase health insurance for you and your kids. The big problem with purchasing health insurance is that you need to do a little more research than just calling a social worker to help you. Here are a few options to purchasing health insurance as a single mother-

i) Anthem is a great one.
ii) Aflac too is a great source for those looking for health insurance and benefits.

These are just a few options when it comes to purchasing medical insurance for single moms and their kids.

Find a Job with Benefits

Job with Medical BenefitsFinding a job that has benefits is a great way to get health benefits. In some cases, it might take a few weeks for you to be eligible for the benefits, but it’s totally worth it at the end. Smaller entities are not required to offer health insurance to their employees and that’s why it’s important to clarify benefits provided in given jobs for moms beforehand. A lot of single parents work a job that they do not particularly like, just for the benefits. In the end you have to figure out what it is worth to you.

Why are benefits important? A lot of single moms go without benefits, but it’s truly important that you try to find some sort of health insurance coverage. It not only helps you in case of an emergency, but it also makes it easier to get health care help, when you need it.