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Dear Single Moms, Tax time will be here before you know it!

Finding ideal tax breaks for single moms can be a little overwhelming. You work hard all year round and all you want is a little tax break during tax time.

Single moms do not have to stress about their situation because there are ways you can find the perfect tax credit for you. It’s a given that your hard earned money is taxed during each pay check.


Earned Income Tax Credit

Earned Income Tax CreditAn earn income tax credit is for those who fall in low income or middle class. There are certain qualifications you must rather meet to receive this. Those who are single mothers typically get more earned income tax relief.

Child Tax Credit

Child Tax CreditOne great part about tax time is that as a single mother you get a child tax credit. The federal government determines the amount each year that will be given to parents of children. If you are a single mother, then most likely you receive this tax credit for having sole custody of your child throughout the year. A single mother can also apply as head of household, as long as she meets the federal requirements. This also would be based on assessment of what benefits you got from schemes under state help for single moms.

School Tax Credit

School Tax CreditIf you are a mom going back to school, then you might be eligible for a school tax credit. These credits vary by the amount of money you pay during the school year to attend college. When tax season rolls around, you should get a special paper from your school. Check with your accountant to see which school tax credit you might qualify for. This is surely a kind of indirect single mom financial help.

What other tax credits are there?

Tax SoftwareThere are various tax credits you can apply for too, but it really depends on your situation. Do you own your own home? Do you own your own business? Most of the tax credits really depend on the amount of income you make each year. For example, you might not be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit if you made too much money the previous year.

A lot of people wait till the last minute to do their taxes, but it’s actually more beneficial to take care of tax issues earlier. The earlier you do your taxes then the more tax credits you can possibly find out about. There are multitudes of ways you can do your taxes:

  • Hire an accountant
  • Use tax software
  • File your taxes for free online

If there is a tax credit for single moms that you know about, please feel free to share it with us!